Duke Coffeehouse  

Duke East Campus, Durham

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Duke Coffeehouse is a boxy, student-run venue on Duke's East Campus. Its booking scheme varies wildly from year to year, depending on the tastes and dedication of the students in charge that year. There was a period in the mid-90s when it was booked by a guy named Jeremy Steckler, and the shows were fairly remarkable: Beck, Yo La Tengo, Guided By Voices, Palace, Harry Pussy, The Ruins, etc (in many/most cases, *before* those bands had become B-I-G names). The world has changed since then; there are about 1000x as many potential next-big-things on the road, 999 of whom aren't going to be household names 10 years from now. Some of them are playing the Cofffeehouse, along with a good cross-section of local bands. All shows are all-ages and BYOB, unless YB is coffee or a milkshake, in which case you can get it there. The Duke Coffeehouse, as with all buildings on Duke campus, is non-smoking.

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