Local 506  

506 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill

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Local 506 changed ownership last year; it's now piloted by longtime local-music maven Glenn Boothe. Under his ownership, 506 has successfully taken up much of the slack left by the demise of Go! Studios, supporting the full range of local bands, as well as the more esoteric touring acts. It's a private club, and membership is required to attend shows. It serves liquor, but shows are still 18+. The current smoking policy is that bands may request for shows to be non-smoking, but otherwise the default is smoking. Glenn is working on figuring out the best way to change that, however.
selected upcoming shows

Thursday, October 19
Reed Turchi

Friday, October 20
Minor Stars, Pujol, Wailin' Storms

This is the album release party for the new Wailin Storms album "Sick City." If you like Samhain / Danzig, Bauhaus, loud bombastic gothic rock, bass players who leap in the air multiple times per set . . . you'll love Wailin Storms.

Saturday, October 21
John Davis & the Cicadas, Evil English, Delphinium

Sunday, October 22
Extinction A.D.

Monday, October 23
Gost, Dance With the Dead

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