The Cave
452 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill

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The Cave is a long, skinny belowground bar with texturized molded-fiberglass walls and ceiling, like a cave (duh). It holds less than 100 people. They have live music 7 nights per week--everything from punk to country to jazz to blues to noise--and are 21+. Most nights there are two shows, one at 7:30ish, and a second starting between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. (two different bands/sets of bands, that is, not just 2 sets by one band). The Cave is now a private club, which means they serve liquor in addition to their fine beer selection, and membership is necessary. It is also now owned by some of the folks who own/operate Slim's in Raleigh.
selected upcoming shows

Sunday, December 10
The River Otters, Stephanie Merinoff

Monday, December 11
Second Freddy and the Zwickers

Wednesday, December 13
Gardener, White Gregg, WNC String Ensemble

This is part of the weekly Wednesday night residency of Harvey Leisure, a member of the Asheville band Nest Egg. White Gregg are from Knoxville & they are AWESOME.

Thursday, December 14
Canine Heart Sounds

[ M U S I C ]
[ E T C . . . ]
[ T H I S W E E K ]
[ W X D U ]
[ A . M . C - H ]