Pour House  

224 S Blount St, Raleigh

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The Pour House books a mix of roots & jam bands, but also a goodly number of Raleigh rock bands, as well as the occasional touring show booked by the folks who used to run Kings.
selected upcoming shows

Friday, April 28
No Eyes, Dear Blanca, ET Anderson

Saturday, April 29
Hank Sinatra, Peter Holsapple, Paleface, Temperance League, Maldora

This is the 2017 iteration of S.P.I.T.T.L.E. Fest, which (IIRC correctly) was started at the Brewery & the Comet, perhaps as an answer to Sleazefest, perhaps just as a good excuse for day-drinking.

Sunday, April 30
Manuel Wirtz

Monday, May 1
Frankie Goodrich, Pasadena

Tuesday, May 2
Chelsea Paolini

Wednesday, May 3
Clang Quartet, 80 lb. Test, Morology

Thursday, May 4
Absent Lovers, Stammerings, Cosmic Punk, Sound System Seven

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