Mayflies USA

Live at WXDU - September 24, 2000

Thinking Out Loud
Getting to the End of You
Florida to the Radio
I Wanna Be Your Gun
Highway Blues
Going Down to Laurel   OGG  4179k  04:04
Great Big World
New York City
Dying Underground
Sodium Penthothal
Last Time

a note about our audio files

Most of our audio files are encoded in the Ogg Vorbis format. Ogg Vorbis is an open-source audio compression format which overcomes many of the drawbacks of the MP3 format--it has a better compression algorithm, so it sounds better at smaller sizes. It's open-source, and doesn't rely on patented compression technology. Plus, being open-source, it can be expanded and enhanced by anyone.

Plugins and standalone players are available for all major operating systems, and can be downloaded from Thanks for helping us support open-source innovation.

However, we understand that many (but not all!) portable music players don't yet support the OGG format, so we're going to begin offering downloads in both formats, as we get around to it, because we love you, and because transcoding from one format to the other reduces the quality of the final product.